Polish wash package (norm. 64 €)

44.00 sis alv 24%

1 x glosswash
2 x basic wash
The washes are valid 4 months from the purchase date

Use the glosswash first and the two basic washes within three months after the glosswash.

WASHING CODE The code will be delivered via SMS and email. At the washing station, you enter the code in the “Enter washing code” section on the touchscreen. For serial washes, select the desired washer on the display. WASHING INSTRUCTIONS AT THE STATION Remove the antenna and turn the mirrors before driving to the laundry room. WASH AT YOUR OWN RISK If your car is equipped with non-factory accessories (eg extra lights, spoilers, etc.), the paintwork is damaged or the car has poor seals. Choose pickup & ski box cleaning if your car is a flatbed car or your car has a ski box. If the instructions are not followed, City Car Wash Oy has the right to demand compensation for the damaged property.